Wiki Walkie Talkie Watches

walkie talkie watches

Walkie Talkie watches

Style and communications never looked so good with these walkie talkie watches

Apart from being totally awesome, Walkie Talkies are free to use. The major annoyance however is that conventional walkie talkies have to be carried around or stuffed into your pocket. What if someone invented walkie talkies that you could wear? or what if someone invented walkie talkie watches? well…..the guys at Wiki have done just that!!!

                      • These badboys have an impressive 7km range, and have all the functions you’d expect to find on conventional walkie talkies.
                      • They come with headphones, feature an LED display, and of course not forgetting can be used as a watch.
  • They come with a dual lead mains charger so no batteries are not needed. They are fantastic for hiking, skiing, walking, biking, climbing, of course camping and just about anything outdoorsey! Watch out Bond!!

The watches are available from genie gadgets, click here to be taken to the product page.

Available from:

Wiki Walkie Talkie Watches£41.95.

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