Wood Burning Camping Stove

Wood Burning Camping StoveWood Burning Camping Stove

Talk about eco-friendly and sustainability, the new camp stove made by Biolite totally changes the face of portable cookware, and much for the better.

Throw away those heavy, expensive, and pollution-emitting gas canisters.  This Wood Burning Camping Stove is fueled completely with the twigs and bark you collect on the trail.  No longer will you be fiddling with connection valves and adjusting the settings of your canister-fueled system, with this environmentally friendly alternative your fuel will go straight from the ground and into the canister for an easy ignition and super fast boil for your campground cooking needs.

But this stove doesn’t just stop at boiling water–an internal system actually converts the heat from the combustion process into stored, electric energy.  Using the internal USB port you can plug in your mobile, mp3 player, or digital camera for a quick charge directly from the stove.  The Biolite Camp Stove a Wood Burning Camping Stove also features an internal fan and jet system, which makes the fire burn hot and clean, and battery that charges itself as the heat rises and increases the output of the fan.

Perfect for lightweight backpacking and camping trips, this stove is equally convenient to have on hand at home in case of a power outage or natural disaster.  You’ll be able to keep water and food hot and your devices charged even while the lines are down and the lights are out. The innovative design features:

Biolite Camp Stove

  • High-temp steel fuel chamber that gasifies wood for a cleaner burn
  • Copper, heat-regulating probe connecting the internal thermoelectric generator
  • Folding anodized aluminum legs for stable cooking and easy storage
  • Lightweight outer screen to protect hands from hot fuel chamber
  • USB port providing 2-watts of power at 5-volts

Included in the box are the stove, a firelighter, a stuff sack, instructions, and a USB cable for charging the internal battery.  For less than £120, the Biolite Camp Stove will pay for itself after a handful of uses from the significant savings you’ll get from ditching the fuel.

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