X-Mi mini 2 portable speaker

x mini speaker

x mini speaker

The best mini speaker on the market, delivering a high quality loud and proud sound from something that can fit in the pocket

We were looking for some portable speakers the other day for the up and coming festival season and because summer is just around the corner, a few problems we encountered were that either a. the battery life just wasn’t great, b. the speaker was ugly, c. the sound quality sucked and d. they were just too big (i.e not portable, thus defeating the object). We stumbled across one speaker however that broke free from all of these, introducing the x-mi mini 2 capsule speaker, after reading up on the original x-mi mini it looks like it was a fantastic speaker, the 2nd gen however looks like it’s set to be even better. If it’s purely based on the color choices of the speaker, which are if your wondering: pink, green, orange, purple, red,green, silver¬†and black then were keen.

  • What makes this speaker stand out however is it’s specifications, more specifically its size (a mere 60 x 60 x 44 mm) which makes it truly portable.
  • This size doesn’t affect it’s high quality sound though, for it’s size it packs a whopping 2.5W.
  • We also like the fact that the speaker is rechargeable via usb, integrates a 3.5mm audio lead, includes a nice felt bag and provides a massive 11hours of playback from a single charge.
  • As far as portable speakers go, the X-Mi mini 2 is the king of kings.

The X-Mi mini speaker portable speaker is only available from Amazon from only £14.15, click here to be taken to the product page.

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